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There are many similarities and differences among teachers around the world. In almost all countries teachers are educated in a university or college. Governments may require certification by a recognized body before they can teach in a school. In many countries, elementary school education certificate is earned after completion of high school.



A very warm welcome to UK Teachers Institute and thank you for showing an interest in our service. We aim to provide a service that is reliable and accountable. We seek to develop relationships that are based on quality and honesty with both employees and clients. We work closely with the NUT, TeacherNet and England Made Me.

Paramount to our beliefs is a genuine concern for the wellbeing of schools. We recognise the importance of our role in maintaining a high standard of education within schools and we take pride from achieving it. By understanding your individual requirements we match the right candidate to your school. We gain our satisfaction in knowing that the teaching staff we supply will have a pivotal role in developing the children’s extraordinary and almost limitless potential. For more information visit TES Connect and RateMyTeachers.


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